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Blackwater Careers

At some point, military men and women realize they're not the bouncing eighteen year-old they once were. Still drawn to the values and mission of the military, but ready to slow down a little bit to raise a family and stay out of the line of fire, these individuals are exactly the type of people ready for Blackwater careers.

Join the Blackwater Training Cadre

Blackwater careers aren't all front-line jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan. The training cadre is one type of position that keeps employees in one place so that they can focus on their family and their future. Based mostly at Blackwater headquarters in Moyock, NC, trainers at Blackwater are carefully chosen professionals with extensive military or law enforcement experience.

Amongst other things, the training cadre at the US Training Center offers courses in advanced marksmanship, mobile force protection, driver training, and tech support training. All of these courses are offered to US military personnel.

The types of people who take on Blackwater careers as trainers come from a number of different agencies, including: 

  • Navy SEAL Teams
  • Army Rangers
  • Army Special Forces
  • The USMC
  • Canadian Special Forces
  • Police SWAT Teams

Blackwater careers as trainers at the US Training Center (USTC) teach students who will be in life or death situations and need to know how to handle themselves. Students need to know the difference between a friend and a foe and how to handle whatever scenario comes their way. The trainers at Xe / Blackwater therefore need an unparalleled level of excellence and professionalism; anything less than the best instruction could cost lives.

Gunsmith Jobs

The US Training Center provides more than just military and protection services training; some Blackwater careers focus on servicing firearms. At the US Training Center, Blackwater maintains a Certified Gunsmith on staff at all times. Additionally, the armory at the USTC sells gun parts, upgrades guns, rebarells guns, and more.

If you are someone with a military background who wants to continue to protect others and train others in military techniques, or if you are an experienced gunsmith, you might be ready for Blackwater careers. The US Training Center is the epicenter of Blackwater careers in the United States. You'll be surrounded by other qualified military and private sector professionals of the highest caliber who focus on maintaining a productive, cohesive, and exciting place to work.